Workshops that HELP PEOPLE FEEL MORE CLEAR, CONFIDENT, and READY FOR whatever comes their way.

starting from day 1.

The best first day.   For new starters, teams, groups and students.

The Best First DaY:

For New Starters, Teams, Groups and students

Restless sleep. Sweaty palms. Nerves. Excitement.

The first day of any new role, project or group is when people make powerful first impressions about people and the organisation. 

A good first day can lead to a strong sense of belonging, fitting in, and purpose - they feel known and they know 'why' their work matters.

A bad first day can leave people looking for a way out before they even begin.

The Best First Day workshop gives your new people the connection, trust and confidence they need to bring their best self - their talent, energy, courage and voice -  to the group from Day 2 on.

Ryan has a positive, warm presence and his sessions are always entertaining, whilst being thought provoking and inspiring. They really help our students develop new skills, and think about topics they think they know about in new ways. These sessions always get amazing feedback from staff and students alike.
— Helen H. Course Director, Leeds University

How to Think On Your Feet:

own the moment when there is no script

Your presentation slides won't load. Or you're asked to make an off-the-cuff pitch without any prep. Or a surprise 'no' (or a surprise 'yes') disrupts your plans.

Everyday we have to adapt to the unexpected.

Our ability to think on our feet can make the difference between missing out and winning the day.

The good news? 'Thinking on your feet' is an art and a science - a set of skills that you can practice, improve and master.

It's not too late - you can start getting better right now.

Even the smallest improvement can make a huge difference in how you feel and how you perform when the pressure is on.

The Think on Our Feet workshop helps participants communicate, connect and perform at their peak with clarity, calm and confidence when the stakes are high.  


Work Like a Human:

how to Find Focus and flow in the chaos

When was the last time you felt you were at your best?

Clear-headed, awake, fully present and focused on the task or person in front of you?

We do our best work, build our best relationships and are our most innovative selves when we we focus our attention on the people and tasks that matter most.

But now our work demands that we are a click, text or call away.

Distraction can make us feel anxious, stressed and out of control.

How might we create more focus and clarity in our working lives while meeting the on-demand realities of work and life?

The Work Like A Human workshop highlights the triggers of unfocused work for people and teams and provides practical, immediate experiences and actions that set you and your team up for more focus, more clarity, better relationships and peace of mind.


Workshops are available as half-day, one-day and multi-day experiences.

The workshops can fit as part of your training or professional development programme. They also make a great addition to your onboarding programme for new starters.

The suite of workshops work really well when combined, either as part of a deep-dive training experience, or spread across the year.

Your challenges and goals are unique, so I'll speak with you to understand what you and your people need.  I work with all my clients to ensure workshop experiences that fit their aims and goals.

Bespoke workshops

I design and deliver bespoke workshops for:

  • healthcare professionals

  • medical students

  • universities

Are you intrigued, but don't see what you need?

Let me know. I may be able to develop something bespoke for your event, team or organisation.

Invite Ryan to speak at your next event.

With every talk I do I aim to spark curiosity and joy, share new knowledge and leave people with practices they can put use immediately to work with greater clarity, confidence and connection.

I'm here to serve the needs of your event - if there's anything I can do to add value, I'll work to ensure that your event is a success.

Topics to energise your event

My talks combine the latest practical wisdom from the science of work, brought to life in interactive moments that engage, energise, and help people at your event connect with fellow attendees.

  • How to Think On Your Feet

  • Find Focus and Flow in the Chaos

I also deliver a talk on networking for people who want to make new professional connections but hate the reality of face-to-face networking (based on my experience, this is most people).

  • Natural Networking Without Awkwardness

Is one of your goals is to help attendees build connections and collaborate during your event?

Do you want to help people get past small talk and onto conversations that get people excited?

Do you hope that attendees at your event collaborate long after your event is finished?

If you answered 'yes', this may be a great fit for your event.

This talk unpacks:

  • the latest psychology on networking and social risk

  • why can networking still be worth it for everyone

  • practical actions that equip both introverts or extroverts to make authentic connections that last.

Bespoke talks for your event

Don't see what you need, but you have an idea you'd like to discuss?

Get in touch.

I've developed bespoke talks for clients in business, healthcare and education, and I may be able to design or tailor a talk for your next event.